PubMed Tutorial

In case you ever need a refresher on searching PubMed, this tutorial can take you through it step-by-step.  Use the “Previous” and “Next” arrow keys to navigate through the tutorial.


Legal Portraits Online

If a student ever needs a picture of an historical lawyer or judge, this site is going to be your best bet.  Harvard Law School owns over 4,000 portraits of legal thinkers and judges from the Middle Ages to the present.  Many are available now on their website.

Startup Search

From LII:

“Directory tracking ‘new web technology companies at the beginning stages of their growth.’ It collects ‘facts and figures about new web products, startup companies, key startup employees, and the funding dollars powering their growth.’ Profiles include background and rankings (explained in ‘Startup Search Score’ in the About section). Searchable, or browse companies, products, people, investors, or partners. From a Web search and syndication consultant.”