UNESCO Water Links Worldwide


UNESCO has an impressive array of links to all things water.  Users can browse by theme (Floods, Water Economics, Salinization, etc.), geographic area, or publishing organization type.  Keyword searching is also available.


True Food Shopping Guide


True Food Now is an organization that aims to provide consumers with information on genetically engineered foods.  A link at the bottom of the page will lead to a two-column list of foods, genetically-modified and not, that shoppers can use as guide.  The list is from 2003, but is in the process of being updated.

OrganizedWisdom Health


From Neat New Stuff: “‘Human powered and doctor guided search service for health.’ The ‘Wisdom cards’ – which do not yet exist for all conditions – include selected info, including ‘5 great resources’ on the issue, definition, symptoms, treatments, prevention, foundations and support groups, messages boards and discussions, scientific journal articles, clinical trials, and ‘Wisdom, Personal Experiences and Blogs.'”

Advance Directives for Health Care Decision Making


This FAQ from the Tennessee Department of Health explains the new law covering Advance Directives for Health Care, which used to be known as Living Wills.  Links are provided to the new forms:

Additional information on each component is available using the menu on the left-hand side.  The information in the FAQ is also offered en espanol.

Global Change Master Directory: Earth Science Data & Services Directory

From Neat New Stuff:


“Offers ‘more than 20,000 descriptions of Earth science data sets and services covering all aspects of Earth and environmental sciences’ courtesy of NASA. Among the wide range of topics: soil temperature, drought severity, el nino oscillations, atmospheric radiation, glacial landforms/processes, volcanic ash/dust, reforestation, environmental assessments, diseases/epidemics, ice core records, etc.”