Special Issues Index


From the James J. Hill Reference Library, “the Special Issues Index provides access to special issues from business trade journals and industry associations”.  These issues provide statistics on products, industries, markets, and consumers. One can browse the index by subject, journal, or keyword search. When you find a report, check the Get Article drop-down menu on the right side to check for availability. Most reports are available free online, although some are just index listings to print journals.


LIFE photo archive hosted by Google


The LIFE photo archive hosted by Google, has more than 10 million images, many of them never published before. One can search by keyword, browse by decade, or explore people, places, and events. The dates of the images range from the 1750’s to the 2000’s and are especially good in coverage of  historical events.



Cars.com provides an easy place to get information on what kind of automobile to buy, where to buy it, and how much to pay for a new or used car. Searches can be done for specific models, makes, or years. Comprehensive pricing and financing information, along with side by side car comparisons are also available. Additional tools on the site include an automobile loan calculator and the Kelley Blue Book value for used cars.

Worldwide venomous snakes and available venom antidotes


Worldwide venomous snakes and available venom antidotes is a new database from the World Health Organization. It lists snakes that are venomous worldwide. It also provides venom antidotes that are available for these snakes. The database navigation is on the left side of the page. Just click on “database search”. You can search by region, country, or snake name. You can also search by anti-venom products that are available.