The Plant List

The Plant List is a working database that identifies more than 1.25 million different plants by their accepted Latin names.  It includes all known species of angiosperms, gymnosperms, pteridophytes, and bryophytes.  It does not include algae, fungi, and fossil plants.  This list was generated by the Royal Botanical Gardens with the assistance of the Missouri Botanical Garden.  Plants are not listed by their common or vernacular names.


Food Pantry Directory

The Ample Harvest website has a directory that lists more than 3,000 food pantries in the United States.  This site is also useful for gardeners who want to find food pantries where they can donate their produce.  Ample Harvest’s purpose is to enable people to help eliminate hunger and malnutrition in their own communities.

New Dietary Guidelines

Did you know that the dietary guidelines was recently updated by the federal government?  The guidelines are revised every 5 years to promote good health and reduce the risks of chronic diseseaes in those who are over the age of two.  Go to this link to read the complete updated version of Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Ever wondered what the weather was like the day you were born or when you should plant those heirloom tomatoes?  The answers to these and many more interesting facts can be found at  From this website you can find information about weather, gardening, astrology, and cookery.