Sample Daily Checklist for Powered Industrial Trucks

OSHA requires that employers give training to industrial truck operators.  This includes forklift operations.  OSHA provides this checklist as a guide to help employees and employers maintain a safe working environment.

Advertisements is a website that makes searching for over 10,000 newspapers online very easy.  It consists of a world map that allows you to seach for newspapers by their locations.  You can also use this website to translate newspapers into whatever language you would prefer.

Colleges of Memphis

The colleges of Memphis website connects over thirteen universities and colleges that are in the Memphis area.  From this website, you will find directories to student life, on-campus housing, venues the city has to offer, and college admissions.  There is also an insider’s guide with links to all things Memphis such as places to eat, cultural offerings, and local current news.  The purpose of is to promote Memphis to prospective students.

Prices and Spending in the U.S.

Focus on Prices and Spending is a sequence of reports from the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics.  From these quarterly reports you can see the trends in spending and inflation in the ecomony of the United States.  The reports use information from the Consumer Expenditure Survey, the Consumer Price Index, and the Producer Price Index.