World Economic Indicators

“World Economic Indicators”, printed before in book form from the World Bank provides great statistical information on the world.  Now provided as an e-book, it lists information about people, the environment, economy, states and markets, and shows global links. Most of the tables list the statistics by country and year. Some of the tables provide historical information as well. The link above shows the 2016 edition.

This link provides provides an archive of the books going back to 2005. The full pdf is provided for the 2010 and forward books. The 2005 – 2009 editions are in table form.


Paying for College

Paying for College is a new website from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It helps students calculate on a worksheet how much they would owe in student loans after graduating from college. A cost comparison guide on 7,500 different colleges and universities is provided. Estimated debt after going to school is listed. Average Grants and Scholarships are calculated into the price. Information on graduation and student loan default rates are also mentioned.