is a large radio communications data provider. It lists live audio radio feeds for police and fire dispatches, along with local, county, and federal agency bands. Some international countries are also provided. A radio frequency database lists the frequency, license, description of the station, and agency type. Amateur radio feeds for emergencies are also provided. A list of amateur radio operators in the United States and their call signs can also be searched.



The BoatTech site, from the Boat Owners Association of the United States, provides an archive of how to repair a boat. Maintenance, equipment, and safety are all provided for such things as deck hardware, electronics, navigation, winterizing and other subjects. Most of the repair and installation information have diagrams, to go along with the subject material. The boats included for repair are sailboats and powerboats.

Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean

From the introduction of the yearbook: “The Statistical Yearbook for Latin America and the Caribbean seeks to respond to the demands of users who require reliable and sound statistical information in order to analyse the economic, social and environmental situation of the region.

The Yearbook comprises three chapters. The first covers demographic and social indicators, reflecting special efforts to mainstream the gender perspective in statistical information. The second chapter presents economic statistics relating to trade, balance-of-payments and prices, as well as national accounts. Taking account of the growing concern of the regional and international community for sustainable development, the third chapter provides the quantitative information available on the environment. While priority is given to data from international sources, the electronic version also includes the data available and compiled by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) on each of the countries of the region.”


MarketWatch is an excellent stock information website from the Wall Street Journal. It provides comprehensive information on stocks and companies.

To use the site, type in the name of the company or stock symbol for which you are looking for in the search box. Once you have found the company, an overview of today’s share price and price per earning ratio will come up, along with a chart that shows the price changes by the hour. Other company news and press releases for the day are listed. There are other tabs under the company name that include:

Profile – gives a general overview of the company and its executives, along with its headquarters address and phone number.

Charts – under the Time button provides a daily, weekly, and monthly chart of the company’s stock price. The compare button underneath it on the same page will show an comparison of Indexes (S & P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, commodities) and Industries (banks, health care, hotels, etc.) for the same time period you have chosen.

Financials – includes the earnings for the company per year, along with its gross income, net income, income tax paid, etc.

Historical Quotes – provides the historical quote for a stock going back to 1971 .  Just start typing in the date. A pop up box will show a calendar with the month and date. Just click which month and date you need to find out the high, low, and close of the stock.

Analyst Estimates, Options, and SEC Filings are more of the tabs that can be clicked to find out information on a company.

General buttons near the top of the home page include general news of the markets, along with investing and personal finance news.