Leapfrog Hospital Safety Scores


The Leapfrog Safety Group releases a  hospital safety score survey for the United States quarterly.  From the site, “The survey assesses hospitals on three key areas: how patients fare, resources used in caring for patients, and leadership and structures that promote patient safety. This website also includes information on hospitals’ hospitals safety score.” Searches can be done by city/state, state, zip code, or hospital name. From there, each hospital provides information such as maternity care, high risk surgeries, hospital-acquired conditions, and general information. The safety score is done by the Group and ranges from the letters A, B, C, D, and F, with A being the best. Some hospitals not being scored, an example being children’s and cancer hospitals. But, more than 1,200 hospitals are rated throughout the nation.



Book of the States


“The Book of the States” from the Council of State Governments has been posted in its entirety from 1935 to the present. The full book provides statistics on how a state operates. Included in the book is information on the judicial, executive, and legislative branches, along with state finances and their elections. Tables include officers and state boards. The payroll and employment of state and local governments by function is provided.  The state pages include a simple place to find state population, land mass, capitals, and the population of that capital. Historical state information includes how and when the state was annexed into the United States. A wealth of information on the states can be found in this set of books.