Creative Commons

Want to see if a work is in the public domain? Is there something on the Internet that you would like to use yourself? The Creative Commons website is a great place to find out if you are able to use a picture, piece of music, or other source materials. Just go to the Creative Commons website and in the Explore Box click on “Find CC-Licensed Works”. In the top right corner is a google search like box. Just type in what you are looking for. Underneath the search box is a listing of different websites you can search. Click which website you would like to search in. For example,  if you type in bouvier des flandres, then click the Flicker website, lots of pictures of the dogs will come up. Click on one of the pictures. Underneath it will tell you the rights to the pictures and whether it is able to be used.  This can also be done in other picture websites, for other media, and music websites as well.


State of Tennessee Child Daycare Inspection Reports

The Tennessee Department of Human Services  has now released its child daycare reports and placed them online. Each daycare location can be searched by location name or by the county it is in. If searching by county, the zip code of the day care would need to be known. Each entry is listed in alphabetical order, along with the star rating, the day care’s history of compliance, and its specific violations. The number of day cares in each county is also listed by zip code.