State Medical Marijuana Laws

There are critical differences in state medical marijuana laws. The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has a simple webpage explaining these differences. The differences between federal and state laws are explained. And further down on the page are two tables with each state’s statutes and programs. The first table is called, “state medical marijuana program laws”, and shows whether each state has a patient registry, allows dispensaries, recognizes patients from other states, and if medical marijuana use is allowed for specific conditions. A second table explains the state laws for “limited access marijuana product laws”, with the same table criteria headers as above. Additional resources are provided at the end of the second table.


Statistic Brain

Statistic Brain Research Institute provides statistics on all sorts of subjects. Financial, marketing, industry, company, demographic, geographic, crime, health, food, people, sports, media, technology, educational, and government are just some of the main header statistics that are listed. There are more subject listings under each heading. Or, a Google-like search box is also provided to do a statistics search. An example of a search for government information provides the Presidential Election Voter Statistics. The source of the information, a research date, a years’ range coverage (1952-2012), and turnout demographics with percentages are listed.