Become the Master of your (Garden) Domain

This time of year many people’s thoughts turn to the outdoors and tilling their little plot of land. Those who feel a desire to share their knowledge with others may be interested in becoming a Master Gardener, a title that may be earned through the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture via the local Shelby County extension office here in Memphis.

What, you may ask, is a Master Gardener? The program exists as “a volunteer service program that serves state citizens with home horticulture information”. Essentially, those who desire to do so may complete 40 hours of training in the first year, directly from the local extension office, followed up by 40 hours of volunteer work directly in their own communities, helping people understand gardening issues better.

One may find detailed information from the application page, which has quick links to Who are Tennessee Master Gardeners?, What does a Master Gardener do?, How do I become a Master Gardener? and Where’s the nearest Master Gardener Program?

Even more, the Shelby County master gardeners have a website, on which you can learn more about their offerings around town. Caution, it’s full of many puns, such as their suggestion for you to “Leaf a message for the webmaster if you have any questions.”

So, if someone is interested in not only learning a lot more about gardening in their local area but in helping others do the same in a volunteer capacity then perhaps becoming a Master Gardener is the way to go.


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