60% of Students Find Statistics Education Confusing

I just made that statistic up. What is not made up however is that many of us feel nervous and confused when confronted by statistics and those states are heightened if we are required to explain statistics. Fear not, the re are plenty of knowledgeable statisticians out there to help those of us who are statistically challenged.

The site Hyperstat Online Statistics Textbook is one such resource. It is a long running blog resource curated by David Lane, who is an Associate Professor of Psychology, Statistics, and Management at Rice University in Houston, Texas.

The site definitely looks dated, as if it was time-warped here straight from 1997. It is, however, full of up to date primers on many, if not all, of the basic components of statistical measurements: univariate and bivariate data, sampling distributions, ANOVA and more are all covered in their own chapters.

So this is how it works:


In the upper left hand corner is a classic, book style table of contents, listing 18 chapters. For our example let’s click chapter 10, Testing Hypotheses with Standard Errors, which takes you here:


I chose General Formula for Testing Hypotheses and it showed me this:


Now I cannot explain to you what this means, but Mr. Lane’s pedigree is outstanding, and the fact that this site remains online after so many years is a good sign. Additionally, he has plenty of links to other sites and volumes on statistics & related topics, which, as we all know, is a solid way to present a topic.


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