Ethanol-Free Gas Stations

Looking for gas that doesn’t have ethanol in it? Many boating and plane enthusiasts use ethanol gas. has a listing by state and then city. Click on the state you would like to find ethanol-free gas in. Then scroll down to the city you are looking for. Each entry includes the city, the brand of gas, the octane number, gas station name, address, GPS coordinates, and a map location of the station. You can also choose to save or print out the list of stations. If the city you are looking for is not listed, you can also contact your local fuel distributor to find out whether they provide ethanol-free gas.

Advertisements provides the cheapest gas prices in an area within the past 48 hours. Local gas prices for regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel fuel can be searched by state, city, or zip code. The address of the gas station, along with a map is shown. Other locations in the area are shown for comparison shopping. A trip cost calculator can be used to get the cheapest prices for gas along a trip route. A gas price chart shows the historical price of gas nationally over an eleven year period. Mobile apps are also provided for most cellular phones.

Bentham Open Access Journals

Bentham Publishers has launced over 200 peer-reviewed, open-access journals.  This link directs you to the list of subjects covered.  Use the links on the left to access a list of title in alphabetical order.  Details about the editorial board and submission guidelines are available for each title.  Disciplines covered include: Agriculture, Biotechnology, Computer Science, Dentistry, Energy & Fuels, Engineering, Evolution, Genetics, Imaging, Immunology, Mathematics, Nanoscience, Nursing, Operational Research, Optics, Pharmacology, Psychology, Transportation, Virology, and much more!


According to the site, “With over 300 participating cities, states and counties, SustainLane Government is the premier online sustainability best practices knowledge base for state and local government.”  Users can browse the Knowledge Base for Best Practices in a number of areas, including Climate Change Policy, Green Building, Land Use Planning and Parks.

Green Car Congress

The Green Car Congress’ “mission is to provide timely, high-quality editorial about the full spectrum of energy options, technologies, products, issues and policies related to sustainable mobility.”  This link leads to the topics page where users can browse topics within several subject headings: Vehicles, Fuels, Emissions, Energy, Business & Policy, and Geographic Region.