Making Home Affordable

The Obama Administration launched this site yesterday to provide a starting point for homeowners who have questions about their mortgages and their financial future.  Users should start with the self-assessment tools to determine their eligibility for various options.  Detailed information is available on refinancing and loan modification, or users can start with the FAQ.


From ResourceShelf: “,( the leader in online real estate search, partnered with RealtyTrac (, the leading online marketplace for foreclosure properties, to offer visitors instant access to over 1 million properties – updated daily – including pre-foreclosure, bank foreclosures and foreclosed homes via auction…Using popular mapping tools such as Google Maps, Google Earth, and Microsoft Virtual Earth, enables people to quickly search and easily visualize millions of real estate listings by plotting their locations and local market data free of charge. is the first Internet site to provide map-based access to the authentic Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases that are used by Realtors nationwide.”

Tennessee Legal Aid Booklets

Tennessee Legal Aid’s online library contains a number of full-text booklets on a variety of topics, including: child support, health care, discrimination, divorce, unemployment, renter’s rights, etc.  Browse by category or search by keyword.

Greener Buildings

Greener Buildings “is a free, Web-based resource to help companies of all sizes and sectors understand and address building design, construction, and operation in a way that aligns environmental responsibility with business success.”  This site will also be useful for consumers who are interested in building a new home, remodeling or creating an addition.  In the resources section, check out the backgrounders, case studies and tools.

Early Delinquency Intervention: Saving Your Home from Foreclosure

This site, from the Housing Education Program, offers information to homeowners who might eventually face foreclosure.  The goal is to get the information to people before foreclosure is the only remaining option.  Using this site, homeowners can complete a thorough assessment of their current situation, view many different options for how to correct the situation, and see examples of letters to write to creditors.