Comprehensive Career Services, a site sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, bills itself as “Your source for career exploration, training & jobs”.


But what can you actually do on the site? Well, it is a large site with many trails, so let’s imagine a scenario and work from there. Let’s say you just graduated from high school and you want to simply get a job. This is where you could click “Resources for” tab and you see this:


I selected “Entry Level Worker” and it took me here:


So you can see that it’s very easy to follow along. The site anticipates various questions that an entry level worker might have and provides answers. It’s very straightforward. They look to have as their mission helping any worker at any point in a career find guidance to beginning, augmenting or even changing a career. They also have a job search section that has everything from job listings to help with resumes and interviews as well as links to training, how to get local help (including information on how to file for unemployment) and lists of top videos, questions and links associated with the site.

Of special interest to students is the section on finding grants and scholarships, the scholarship finder: