Radio Search Engine

Radio Search Engine is a new website that is a radio search engine for songs, artists, shows, and stations all over the world. From the site, “Search for your favorite artist and listen to their music. If it’s not playing right now, you’ll find stations that will likely play it which will lead to other music and stations you’re sure to enjoy.”

The website home page starts by listing the FM and AM radio stations in your area. Each station lists what it is playing or if it is on a station break. The site also has a google-like search box at the top of the page. Put in the song, artist, show, or station you are looking for. A search for “Michael Jackson”, brought up multiple stations playing his songs around the nation. Click on the song you want to hear and it will bring up other songs you may like to listen to as well. Multiple talk shows and even old radio shows like “American Top 40” can be found as well.


Media Device Usage in the U.S.

This icongraphic from the Neilsen company shows how media devices are used in the United States. From this download, you will be able to find out information such as the average number of televisions in American households, the average number of text messages that certain age groups send monthly, and the top ten mobile phone companies.

National Center for Electronics Recycling

The National Center for Electronic Recycling “is dedicated to the development and enhancement of a national infrastructure for the recycling of used electronics in the U.S.”  Sections of particular interest include Ecycling Basics, Laws, Resources and a tool for finding local recyclers.

Children and Television

According to LII, “This article considers the effects of watching TV on children’s health and family life. Topics include how TV affects brain development, TV violence, TV’s influence on children’s attitudes toward themselves and others, and the relationship between watching television and obesity, alcohol use, and smoking. Includes links to related sites. From the University of Michigan Health System.”