City of Memphis Street Paving Schedule

So you want to know when the City of Memphis will pave your street? The Memphis Public Works and Memphis Information Services divisions worked in tandem to provide the above street paving map. It tells paving that is upcoming this year and also in the future. Major Tennessee highways and state routes are also included.


Tennessee Personal Driving History

For a nominal fee, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security is allowing Tennesseans to get their personal driving history or motor vehicle record (MVR). The driving history will show a person’s driving record for the last three years. It is an official copy from the state of Tennessee. The record can be gotten online at the website above, at a Driver Service Center, or it can be requested through mail. Allow two weeks from the mailing date to receive the driver record. provides the cheapest gas prices in an area within the past 48 hours. Local gas prices for regular, midgrade, premium, and diesel fuel can be searched by state, city, or zip code. The address of the gas station, along with a map is shown. Other locations in the area are shown for comparison shopping. A trip cost calculator can be used to get the cheapest prices for gas along a trip route. A gas price chart shows the historical price of gas nationally over an eleven year period. Mobile apps are also provided for most cellular phones.

Eurostat Yearbook

Eurostat Yearbook gives European statistics from Eurostat, the European Union Statistical Office. Data includes the Euro Area and Member States. Entries include information on the economy and finance; population; health; labour market; education and training;  industry and trade; agriculture, forestry and fisheries; international trade; transportation; environment; energy; and science and technology. Helpful charts and tables are also included. Each yearbook is updated as new statistics are released.

National Motor Vehicle Title Information System

The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is provided by the Department of Justice and the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators to protect consumers trying to purchase a vehicle. The site shows important information about a vehicle’s history, including title data, the brand history, the odomotor reading, the total loss history, and salvage history. Used car buying tips, along with a glossary and FAQ’s are also included.


MoversReviewed is a Consumer Advocate Directory of Moving Companies in the United States and Canada. It provides a list of active and licensed movers by mover type, company name, or by city, state. Each entry includes an address, phone number, website address, if the company moves a customer internationally, and its safety record (under the U.S. Department of Transportation number). Entries can be sorted alphabetically, by company size, or by specialties.

Colleges of Memphis

The colleges of Memphis website connects over thirteen universities and colleges that are in the Memphis area.  From this website, you will find directories to student life, on-campus housing, venues the city has to offer, and college admissions.  There is also an insider’s guide with links to all things Memphis such as places to eat, cultural offerings, and local current news.  The purpose of is to promote Memphis to prospective students.